New Share Offer

Would you like to buy shares? We are opening our share offer once more until 31st July 2024!

We are excited to announce we are launching a further time limited share offer to help fund the installation of a disabled toilet and baby change facility in The Chequers. 

You may think – goodness me – more money needed already?  Well, the circumstance for this one is slightly unique and directly due to feedback from building control officers as the project has progressed.  

We want the pub to be accessible for all – to which end, we are well underway with plans for a disabled entrance. However, we scheduled the disabled toilet further down the project timeline due to limited funds. We have since been advised that we may be open to a legal challenge under equality legislation if we open without the disabled toilet in place.  Providing this facility is, of course, the right thing to do anyway if we can possibly afford it.

So what to do?  We immediately applied for a grant and contribution was awarded, but a further £10,000 is required to fund all of the work.  So, we are asking the community and existing shareholders to help with the balance to bring this work forward prior to our opening.   

This opportunity was put to Shareholders at the recent AGM and approved by all in attendance. 

How can I help?

If you are an existing Shareholder:

  • We would like you to help by spreading the word amongst friends, talking to the person who asked you about shares earlier in the year but left it a bit late, or simply just sharing our website link on your Facebook page or to local What’s App groups.
  • Alternatively, you may wonder if you can help directly by increasing your existing investment? Well, yes we would love it if you could do that – and it’s only a case of submitting another application form in the same way as you did last time (minimum investment is £50).

I don’t hold shares at all:

  • Now you have an opportunity to invest and be part of the Save The Chequers campaign – including getting your name on the Founders Board! As before the minimum investment will be £250 (this is something we have to adhere to in our Model Rules).

If you can help us with this important addition to the pub, to make sure it is a place that is welcoming and accessible to all, we would be extremely grateful.

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