How to Buy Shares


(Note these are repeated on the application form – but just supplied here for convenience to help navigate this page)

  1. Please read the Share Information Document so that you are well informed about the Share Offer and the Privacy Notice (both are posted below). Both are critical to understand before you buy shares.
  2. If you have further questions – please email; Note there are some frequently asked questions in the Share Information Document so do check these again before querying. Any additional questions over the ones listed on the Share Offer Information Document will be added to the FAQ section at the end of this page.
  3. Remember we have the Drop-In Clinics arranged for 6th / 21st February in person (7-9pm) in the Reading Room and on 15th February online (8-9pm) with the committee.
  4. Download the relevant Share Application Form (either Individual or Company), complete it with your details and the number of shares (in £s) you wish to purchase (minimum £250, maximum £40,000).
  5. Pay by either Cheque or BACS (either method should be made payable to Roxwell Chequers Community Benefit Society Ltd and our bank details are on the application form(s) below with what to quote as a reference)
  6. Send it via:


Share Information Document

This is the RCCBS Share Information Document.
You must read and understand this fully before buying shares.
Uploaded 30/01/2024

Privacy Policy regarding the Share Offer

This is the RCCBS Privacy Policy (Click Here).
You must read this as signing the Share Application Form will also mean you agree to us capturing your information for the purposes of servicing your legal needs as a member. You will be given the option to be added to the Community Newsletter as you so wish within the application form.
Uploaded 31/01/2024


Share Application Form (Individual, Joint, U18)

Download and print this form to complete it and sign to buy shares as an individual, jointly (see Share Information Document and FAQs Q3 below) or to pass shares onto a child who is currently under 18 years old. An application form will be needed per child.
Uploaded 30/01/2024

Share Application Form (Company)

Download and print this form to complete it and sign to buy shares as a company
Uploaded 30/01/2024


If we receive additional questions about the Share Offer beyond those included in the Share Information Document above, we will add these below:

QuestionAnswerDate Added
Q1: I haven’t got a printer – what should I do instead?A1: Ask a friend, neighbour or committee member (via email on to print out an application form. If you email the committee – please remember to let us know if an individual or company form is needed.30/01/2024
Q2: Why aren’t you supplying an online form this time?A2: We did for the pledges but as this requires a signature the form is a deed/agreement between parties, this time we need it to be printed. 30/01/2024
Q3: I’d like to apply jointly – which form do I need?A3: If you wish to apply jointly, you will need to fill in a individual application form and note the limitations of this in the Share Offer (only the named individual on the form will be invited to attend member meetings and vote, however you can both appear on the founders board)30/01/2024
Table of Frequently Asked Questions